Leadership Incubator (LI) is Mendaki Club’s annual flagship programme targeted at young professionals and tertiary students to help raise awareness and understanding of issues that matter to them, and to provide systematic training and developmental opportunities for them to contribute back to society.


Since its launch in 2010, LI has enabled 250 promising youths to champion various causes and community organisations ranging from education to the empowerment of women. Many have gone on to start their own projects, volunteer with various community organisations and make a difference in the Community. 


Established in 1982 by the Malay/Muslim community leaders and supported by the Government, Yayasan MENDAKI is a non-profit self-help group set up dedicated to the empowerment of the disadvantaged through excellence in education and gearing the community forward for the future.


MENDAKI targets the lower 30% of the Malay/Muslim community and our programmes, preventive and developmental in nature, are highly subsidised. Our programmes are designed to supplement or complement national initiatives. Our organisation’s mission is to navigate, empower and position the Malay/Muslim community at the forefront of excellence.


MENDAKI Club, or MClub, is a community of Malay/Muslim students and young professionals, ranging from 13 to 35 years old, who are engaged in programmes seeking to uplift our community, Singapore and the world. We engage in strategic youth development initiatives and participate actively in discussions on current developments in the local and global arena. We also strive to build bridges within the Malay/Muslim community, and between our community and other communities in Singapore and abroad, to promote mutual understanding and cooperation.


MClub was launched in 2000 by then-DPM Lee Hsien Loong and constantly seeks new and interested individuals to be part of its growing community. We are a registered society affiliated with the Malay/Muslim self-help group, Yayasan MENDAKI, although our activities and programmes are largely organised and run by volunteers from a wide range of professions and backgrounds.


Our vision is to build a dynamic and progressive young generation of Malay/Muslim Singaporeans with a strong commitment to society while being plugged into the global community. As such, our programmes encourage and enable participants to:

  • Aspire

  • Build excellence in their areas of contribution (work, community, etc.)

  • Commit to serving the community

  • Develop positive connections

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